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So i’ve been a designer for 5 years, and rely mostly on walk-ins/made to order clothing as my bread and butter. Since COVID hit, my primary source of income has halted as well. I pivoted to making masks which really made a lot of money but I ultimately ended up throwing in the towel despite how lucrative it was because I simply am not built to create items in bulk. I do all the work in my studio, and have 3 women that have worked with me for the last 5 years.

I create slow-fashion garments. All thoughtfully designed and best quality but a bit higher up the pricing ladder (in comparison to local brands that do drop shipping). I used to really thrive during pop-ups and bazaars because i’m able to converse with potential clients and they are able to see my stuff up close and know it’s worth it. Online selling is so different, i’m not quite sure how to make my voice come across. I’ve made a shopify website last January but I know that i have not even at all started to make use of it’s potential. It’s all still so basic. I am having a hard time selling items apart from my masks (because that is market driven), but I know it is a possibility. I am aslo planning to shift my site to cater internationally instead cos it’d be better appreciated than here. When people buy from me from pop-ups, they’re usually high profile people and use them to travel.

I am purely creative (meaning i’m more inclined to create rather than market) so all these online business jargon is really not my forte. I went or design school, with no business curriculum whatsoever. I’m so inept that I haven’t even run a single ad campaign (but right now learning how to via a shopify course).

I guess what i’m asking is if someone can just give me an outline on the things I need to study/learn. I am very passionate about my work, and want to share it but i’m having so much trouble knowing even where to start. Actionable steps would be great, i know I can do it. I’m willing to learn for the survival of my career (and to keep these women under payroll).

Also, any comments on my website is greatly appreciated. Just fyi, i will eventually transition my site to selling internationally meaning i will change the name and suffix as well as the currency. But besides that, comments please if you can.

I really appreciate it. Sorry in advance for the noob questions 😔

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