How To Win PayPal Cases

Hi All,

I'm curious to know a few things about PayPal and also to offer some advice (little give and take). First lets start with the Advice:

PayPal cases most commonly fall into the SNAD cases (Significantly Not As Described) which will show up simply as "item not as described" cases.

When I had a PayPal Account Manager (which I no longer do) she told me that SNAD cases should be disputed by the Seller (us) as invalid if they are filed beyond a reasonable period of time from delivery of item.

How so? Well simply put how can an item be "Not as described" if its taken your customer over 1 month to lodge a complaint? Surely they would know if its "not as described" within the first few days to week of ownership.

So you should generally send those cases to Dispute with PayPal and provide the above reasoning.

Cases that fall into the category of SNAD but the customer writes that the item "broke" or whatever lies they come up with are filing a WARRANTY claim which technically PayPal is not supposed to have anything to do with at all. Unfortunately they do and none of the staff are appropriately trained to understand the difference.

PayPal handles fraud, not delivered and item different to what it was said and that is ALL they are supposed to handle. They are NOT supposed to get involved in "my item broke I want my money back" cases as those are warranty claims with the company directly. The fact PayPal does is gross over-reach.

The Ask (What I Want):

As I've somewhat alluded to above I'm super curious about how large E-Commerce Sellers handle their PayPal disputes because I for one am extremely sick to death of seeing cases from people like Little Jimmy Lowlife who thinks they can own a product for 1-6 months, use it, own it and file a "Not as Described" case because it broke 2-3 months down the line (likely due to their fault) and PayPal just gifts them all their money back and Little Jimmy Lowlife sends you back his used and broke ass product.

How is that fairness? Most especially because PayPal ignores their own Terms of Service which state "the product must be returned in its original condition" which we all know they regularly ignore and customers send back items that are used and abused on the regular.

Because when I think about Big Box Retailer companies that have brick/mortar stores and online presence I cannot honestly believe that they too are suffering from the same PayPal rules that allow customers to go online, buy their laptops or expensive items and then file "Not as described" claims with PayPal 2-3 months down the track after owning the product and then getting to just give the item back and get all their money back.

No normal company operates that way.

So I'm looking for the brains trust on this to get a working theory on how to fight this kind of crap with PayPal. I've been thinking about this for a long time but the genesis of it was I just had a customer today email me to inform me (not ask or query) but inform me they were filing a dispute on PayPal because the item "broke".

I told them we'd be happy to replace it but they'd need to go ahead and file a request on the website like everybody else. Person goes on to claim they "dont know their order number". To which immediately start to mentally check-out on them as its clear they are of the Low IQ variety at this point. I have a sophisticated email chain set setup from product order, to prepare through to delivery updates along the way.

Those emails clearly remark the order # and the header containers warranty claim information and where to file that warranty claim. Little Jimmy Lowlife says they "deleted their emails so I forgot".

I inform them their order number and ask if they could provide proof of how it has broken considering they've already owned this item for an entire month at this point. Little Jimmy Lowlife then proceeds to say how he's "barely used the product" and he'll just leave it to PayPal.


Why do we have to accept customers buying stuff, using it for months like its some Free Trial and filing claims on PayPal to send their item back in a used and not saleable condition and they get all their money back. In what universe is that normal?

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