Where to get started with digital marketing for my eCommerce business

Hi there,

We are a 7 year old eCommerce brand, selling our original art on a variety of small product classes (e.g. stickers, cards, prints)

Due to the low cost nature of our goods, we've never explored Google CPC, as it seemed prohibitively expensive. We're definitely feeling the itch to pursue more digital advertising methods but are a bit unsure of how to get started! There's so many firms, individuals, etc. selling services that it's kind of overwhelming.

Our primary form of advertising right now is just promoting the occasional Instagram post. We pin things to our Pinterest account, we do have a (mostly unused) Facebook account. Where would you begin? Any advice? Anything at all would be greatly appreciated. What would be an appropriate ad budget to start with? I'm happy to share more details over PM, so feel free to reach out.

Thanks in advance!

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