Oracle Extends its Cloud CX Ecosystem

In March, Merriam-Webster made the fastest update in its history. In just seven days, the term “COVID-19” – along with others that have become common in our dialogue such as “social distancing” and “contact tracing” –  became a defined word in the English language and gave us guidance to refer to what our world was facing.

In the business world, the term “stay-at-home stock” is also new. Wall Street and everyday investors are betting on companies and technologies that are enabling our daily lives. Examples of these so-called “stay-at-home stocks” include home-office companies that help employees connect and collaborate while offices are closed, and consumer tech and fitness companies that entertain us as gyms, movie theaters, and recreational businesses shuttered worldwide.

These stocks largely advanced because they helped businesses meet a new set of customer demands, and I’m proud to say several of our ISV partners are at the forefront of accelerating these changes.

  • Zoom: As our founder and CTO Larry Ellison recently said in our earnings call, Zoom has become one of the fastest-growing companies – and the company name is already being used as a verb. Surely Zoom needs no explanation, as its service has penetrated both our professional and personal lives as we seek new ways to engage with colleagues and family. Today we announced new integrations between Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience and Zoom that help sales, marketing, and customer service teams seamlessly incorporate video and collaboration tools into existing processes and workflows, in order to make every customer interaction matter.
  • Sprinklr: It’s tougher than ever for brands to convert online customer interactions to sales. A recent Accenture survey found 50 percent of people are frustrated with a recent buying experience, and according to a Baymard Institute study, 69 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned. In order to build brand loyalty, organizations have to make every customer interaction matter and meet them where they are, when they are there. Sprinklr helps organizations reach, engage, and listen to customers across 23 social channels, 11 messaging channels, and SMS, in addition to blogs, forums, and review sites. With Sprinklr, we announced new integrations with Oracle Fusion Cloud CX to help marketers reach audiences on social media and other messaging channels at any point in the customer journey, and help customer service professionals resolve service requests more efficiently.

At Oracle, we are also working to enable the next generation of business with our customer data management platform (CDP) – or as we like to call it, a customer intelligence platform, Oracle Unity. The more information customers can have at their fingertips, the more informed decisions they can make that are best for their businesses.

We introduced several updates to Oracle Unity to help predict and personalize customer interactions, eliminate customer blind spots, and enhance compliance and time-to-value. As a part of this effort, we have also collaborated with leading companies to integrate with Oracle Unity and help our mutual customers optimize the B2B experience.

  • SourcePoint, a leader in establishing consumer consent and choice as the new standards for all digital experiences, has integrated its Consent Management Platform with Oracle Unity. This will help our mutual customers maintain consent records that are quickly and easily accessible in real time.
  • OneTrust, one of the most widely-used consent and preferences technology platforms, will integrate with Oracle Unity to help customers achieve privacy compliance goals. It does this by enriching end user profile data with opt-ins, cookie consent, communication preferences and more, to help ensure customer choices are honored throughout marketing systems.

I’m proud to lead the team that is dedicated to developing partnerships with companies that are charting new paths and helping brands adapt to rapid change. We know we are better together in delivering solutions and value to our customers. As our Oracle Fusion Cloud CX ecosystem continues to see remarkable growth, we hope to help customers grow alongside us, as they create memorable customer experiences across every touchpoint, every time.

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