Payments to International Supplier

My friend and I are taking a class on the entrepreneurship and we are keen to study e-commerce and understand how trust is formed.

Last year we had a terrible experience ordering custom tailored wedding suits from a chinese supplier.

The supplier had a slick website and we were able to enter our measurements, cut, style and fabric and order online. The payment method was a bit sketchy (Western Union) but we wend along with the payment and awaited our new suits ⏰.
The suits arrived pretty quickly, however there was an issues…somehow ALL of the suits had the same goofy lining that only ONE of us had requested. You know that guy that likes wearing crazy shirts even when it’s not crazy shirt night? Yeah, that’s him 🕺.

Unfortunately, there was no way to send the suits back and get our money back or have the suits changed. At least it made for interesting wedding pics..

It got us wondering, how do you guys come to trust new international providers and handle the payments to them?

Do you use Letters of Credits, Escrow services, insurance of some kind? Samples? Calls?

What would your advice be for getting started with importing internationally, and what do you wish was done to make it easier?

Feel free to answer here or through this typeform (should take less than 2 minutes):

If we get enough responses we will share the analysis back with the sub 🙂

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