Should I put my prices up?

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks so much for your feedback on my website – I've implemented a lot of the changes people suggested and it's definitely been an improvement. Lately I'm wondering whether I'm under-charging for my portraits. I started out on Etsy so made my prices quite competitive because of the high amount of competition. But when I look at local (NZ) artists' prices for commissions they're around double what I charge. I'm charging:

$41USD for a single person portrait,

$51 for a couple

$58 for a family.

Should I increase my prices and by how much? What price would you be willing to pay for a portrait like this and what are some factors I should take into consideration when adjusting prices? Here's my website – note that prices are different on there because they're in NZ dollars – link

I'm asking on here rather than an art sub because I'd like some opinions of people who aren't artists!

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