Online Platform for Local Businesses


Given Coronavirus is still going on, I recently read that many local businesses are closing permanently. I personally do not want to live in a world of only big box stores, so I wanted to come up with a platform for only local businesses. Somewhat like Craigslist, where each site is specific to that city/area, but customers can browse items, add things to cart, and have them shipped directly to their door. Ideally, payments and shipping directions would go directly to the vendor assuming they already have the capability. In a way, it's a similar idea to being an Amazon seller but with a dedicated theme. Additionally, I do not want to have an arbitrage between their products and what's listed, but suppliers would pay for exposure (so maybe 1.5% of sales?). I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how to approach this given that each store probably has its own platform/inventory management system/etc.? Does it that even matter? I would appreciate any insight.

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