Where can I get packaging as shown below, customized letterpress business cards and hangtags for a good affordable price?

I have been searching but most places are way to expensive online and the eco friendly items I see are kind of ugly and expensive. In understand that packaging is the most expensive part of ecommerce but at the same time I have heard people doing it on a budget and I would like to do the same as well. I will be selling home items such as towels, robes, hand wash, and many other things eventually as well as silk scarfs. For my towels and robes rather than using boxes, fabric, or plastic packaging, I would like to pack them into paper bags like the ones in the link and they will be protected with the basic plastic wraps that clothes tend to come to protect them. So far I can't find bags like the one below. Then possibly add a wax seal or sticker on the packaging to decorate them more. For my silk scarves because people I would assume would want them to remain packaged if not used due to being delicate, I would like to have the plastic packaging such as the first image more than the second image in the link below.

My original idea was to also just wrap them in a nice gift wrapping paper or to make my own packaging but then I thought that might not be a good idea since that would be much more work then having something ready.

For my hangtags and thank you/business cards, I would like to have them letterpress. I would do them myself and even checked Walmart and some craft stores but could not find the paper bags in the right color I am looking for.

Packaging Images

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