I have my eccomerce website in mexico and am expanding to the USA, help!

I want to get things right. Does anyone have any ideas/tips on how I can go about this?

I will be managing two different prices for my products, on for my mexican clients and another for my clients in the USA to cover logistic prices. At first I was thinking of shipping from mexico, but it's just to damn expensive and delivery time will be like 5-7 business days and from what I've heard that's a no go for clients in the US, they want fast delivery times, therefore, I decided to just send inventory to a warehouse in the US and have them manage logistics, but would like to know if there are any ways to get cheaper prices on shipping, which carriers are the most viable, etc etcc… If someone could suggest ideas on this, that would be great!

Also, since I have the companies social media in mexico, I will have to find a way for people in the USA to not have access to this information because as I mentioned, the prices will be a bit higher for this logistics things, does anyone have suggestions on how I can do this?

No, Amazon is not a choice for me, as I sell there here in mexico and I only sell like 5 products per month, I just think Amazon doesn't have my target audience.

Anyway, any help on doing this will be fantastic!

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