Started my first ad for my store a couple days ago, sold my first product this morning :)

A little bit back I posted about if anyone had any experience starting a store with AliDropship, this company that was recommended on this blog I followed. Essentially just a full service plugin that they help install and setup on WordPress and helps with managing a dropshipping store from beginning to end.

Well my store was finally completed a couple weeks ago, and I started running facebook ads for the first time for just one of the many many products in my general goods/gifts store, and someone made a purchase!

If people are interested I can link my store as well. I donate 20% of proceeds to Children's Miracle Hospitals, and the Equal Justice Initiative, 2 very relevant non-profits that I am passionate about.

Here are the very trivial (but meaningful to me) stats:

2.3K 3-second Video Views

0 1-Minute Video Views

0:07 Average Minutes Viewed

553 Minutes Viewed

15-Second Video Views 759

People Reached 4.7K

3-Second Viewers 2.2K

Post Actions

Total Clicks 106
Clicks to Play 91
Link Clicks 9
Other Clicks 6

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