Which e-commerce platform is right for you?

Here is what I have learned after a ton of research and experience:

SHOPIFY Shopify is a closed platform.

Pros: ✔It’s more secure. ✔Little to no downtime. ✔Easy to use -an all-in-one solution.


✖ Add-ons aren't native to the site. ✖You can't customize the checkout page. ✖It’s limited when it comes to add-ons and integrations.

WOOCOMMERCE WooCommerce is an open platform.

Pros: ✔Low rates. ✔Very flexible design options. ✔Unlimited customization for functionality. ✔Add-ons and integrations are inexpensive.

Cons: ✖Not so secure. ✖If an app isn’t properly updated bugs can easily get in. ✖Bugs and viruses can cause downtime.

THE VERDICT: I like @Shopify. However there is a time and a place for @WooCommerce if you require a lot of flexibility or will be doing a very high level of sales and want to avoid higher fees, But my go-to is WooCommerce.

Do you have e-commerce experience?

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