Best platform for Scouting and Purchasing?

I'm looking for advice on the best platform/service/app to collect this data for scouting and purchasing. Any ideas?

– Independent ranks (possibly through page visits? Conversion rates?)
– Multi-channel (AMZN US, CA, MX, EU, WMT, eBay, Wish, etc.)
– Live data by variation (alerts to see if something got better ranking, better pricing/profitability due to buy and sell side changes in price)
– Historical data included
– Pulls competitors and their brands, cross-references with cost, etc.
– Uses data from PETS by brand, by vendor, and by date so we can also keep track of it (only if needed)
– Automatically pulls top 30k products by category on Amazon to establish new client list
– Reads full sales channel catalog (reverse the information flow from Amazon into PETS for approach, not purchasing)
– Analyzes sales trends in categories and by product
– Ability to analyze distributor catalogs without need for Excel UPC Price List (online format, not all have Excel files)

Entails much of the analysis done by scouting. Both processes work together. If nothing is scouted, nothing can be purchased.
– Analyzes scouting
– Entails replenishment report
– Automates adding a listing onto Amazon based on the ASIN (as well as other sales channels)
– Collects delivery times
– Send PO to reps (auto-populates but must be manually delivered, not automated because could be dangerous)
– Auto-populates into BOARD, collects delivery tracking info and keeps it as up to date as possible
– Overstock notifications

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