Niche Growth Data Based on time of the year.

Hello everyone this is my first post on this subreddit.

I’ve sold over $250,000 worth of physical products online. I sell through Shopify stores and drive traffic through multiple ad platforms.

I’m currently looking to level up the business by taking advantage of seasonality in e-commerce.

I’ve been doing some research online in attempt to find a report of sales data based on niche and time of the year. Struggling to find the right keywords perhaps I’m not sure.

For example I am trying to identify when certain somewhat broad niches start “trending” because of the season. I know in the next coming months ski gear products will be trending as it’s the right time of year and really there’s only a couple months in which you can go snow skiing. We’ve recently passed the camping and fishing trends as summer is ending. With this said not as many people will be looking for products in these niches compared to a couple months ago.

I’m asking if anyone here can refer me to a website or article where I can find this type of data but for hundreds of other niches.

I am not asking for trends such as fidget spinners to be handed to me. But I am looking for the consistent year after year trends that are likely compiled somewhere.

I’m still currently looking for something like this now. But if someone would be willing to share I’m sure lots of people would benefit if they take action!

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