Hey guys I am a Full stack developer and I want to help a business idea grow online for free !

Yep you heard it right, I won't be charging you anything.

Since the past week I have been feeling a bit tired with my daily work and I want to do something new and creative. I also want to help other people struggling through this harsh times with a good heart.

So I have decided that I will help a business idea that needs a developer to develop a website or an IOS/Android Application. I am not looking for a huge project that would take a year to be completed. Something that is simple and small, and has a work around time of a month max.

So hit me up and we can have a chat / call regarding this !

My skills :

LANGUAGES – HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, TypeScript, Meteor.js, ReactJS, React Native, Node.js, GraphQL, Python, Django

CMS and E-commerce – Webflow, WordPress, Shopify


OTHER – AWS/Azure, Application Testing, Continuous Integration and Continuous Development, Test driven development

Message me to view my portfolio.

If it works out and if your product makes a good amount money and if you feel generous enough then we can decide some kind of equity/ commission.

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