Searching for an inexpensive, integrated ecommerce/marketing setup that plays well with WordPress Divi.

Our startup company doesn't have stable income or much money yet, so we're looking for a mid-term solution to help us increase and manage sales until we can afford a more robust setup. I am very fast working with WordPress Divi, so using that would be preferable to learning how to manipulate a new theme.

I do know html, css, and have managed to modify the PHP files in the editor in the past, if that impacts anything. I've also tinkered with js as well, but am not strong in that respect. My technical skills are somewhat weak, so I would need access to support if they setup is fairly complicated or if I run into issues.

An ideal setup would look something like this:
– WordPress with Divi builder
– ECommerce Plugin
– Product configuration tool
– Form on website / Shopping cart integrates with a CRM tool, which also integrates with an email marketing system.

Requirements (somewhat flexible)
– Integrated with Quickbooks (is this possible?)
– Mobile friendly
– Ability to submit a credit card payment, request for quote, or submit a PO
– Inexpensive: free is optimal, but maybe $5,000 max for annual costs for the first year (subscriptions, services, one time setup costs, etc.). Less is better.
– Intuitive to learn and setup, or must have good phone support, user groups or documentation
– Product configuration would support up to 10 products, plus about 10 accessory options.
– Product configuration ideally would support some kind or animation or rotation/360 views controlled by the user so they can see what their options look like.
– Product configuration would also need to show the users the cost of their selected option.
– E-commerce "orders" would integrate with Quickbooks to create estimates, which can then become invoices.
– Email system would support customer Journeys, or drip campaigns that support if/then logic.
– Email system integrates with CRM so that any email sent to a prospect/customer are recorded in their history.
– Email system lists are integrated with CRM so what when a prospect becomes a customer, they are removed from the prospect lists so they receive relevant content.
– Email system & CRM can be supported with website email collection forms in addition to Ecommerce order submissions.
– Ideally, any orders received can feed into some kind of production ticketing system (TBD).

This is a start, I'm sure I will think of more things as I learn more. Appreciate any expertise and education you can provide.

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