Best E-Commerce platform to sell products worldwide?

Greetings guys!

I am really new to E-Commerce like basically have no experience in this area at all. However, my business partner and I have developed a series of holistic and wellness products and we would like to sell them worldwide (Mainly North America and Asia).

Moreover, my ideal goal is to also promote mutual growth between my buddies and I, they are very into spirituality, yoga and some other kinds of organic handmade products. So I'd also love to include their services on my platform. For instance, apart from selling my own products, I would also like to have a few tabs such as tarot card reading services, when they click into the tab, there will be a description of himself and also a link to his webpage so people could make enquiries of his service and use it. Then I will also be taking a smart part of commission from that as generating leads to his webpage, is it possible?

If yes, which e-commerce platform would be ideal for this kind of business? I am trying to find at least 5 different services to collaborate with my store, so basically it would be a spiritual platform for people to shop and browse spiritual services that they might be interested in!

Thank you so much for your attention and help! I sincerely appreciate all of them! Stay blessed!!!!!

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