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I'm a 26 year old Canadian man, currently teaching ESL abroad in South Korea. I've been here for two years. To keep things short, I went to Uni and got a bachelor of Commerce, thought business was boring (and at times a little slimy) and decided to travel the world and live abroad until I made a decision on what I want to do in the future. Fast forward 4 years later and after living and working in three different continents in ESL teaching and hospitality, I'm ready to start my real career.

The school I currently teach at gives me ample free time to study myself. Recently I re-vamped my LinkedIn profile and my resume to be for an E-Commerce position. I also did some studying by breezing through some courses (SEO by Hubspot, GAIQ Test by Google Analytics, Business Fundamentals and Product Fundamentals qualifications from Shopify, and tried to brush up on my very limited knowledge of Java (when I say very limited I mean I took one course in Uni and got a C).

Now, with my super mediocre experience and qualifications, I have six months before I will return to Canada and I want to use my time effectively to study and dive into the broad universe of E-Commerce and try to prepare myself and familiarize myself with the industry as much as possible before I get home.

If you were an E-Commerce company and had someone like me show up to your office looking for some kind of job in analysis, branding, or some kind of general e-commerce associate position doing a little bit of everything, what is the minimum expectations you would have for qualifications?

(Side note: I consider myself to have excellent people skills and therefore this post is mostly aimed at what actual software or hard skills I should be investing in and not on the soft skill side)

If you had six months, which program would you take? Which software would you stress is integral for me to know to even be considered at a company?

TL;DR: 26M starting e-commerce career, which programs/software/education should I invest in for the next six months?

Thanks in advance everyone, and apologies for the slightly disorganized layout to my post.

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