Pinterest Ad Analytics Not Matching Google & Shopify Analytics

Hi all, I recently started advertising on Pinterest and for the first 3-4 days, things were great. I was getting 150-200 link clicks/day at around $.10/click. My Shopify analytics and Google Analytics supported those link clinks (though they were off a bit, but from what I've read, this isn't out of the ordinary, by about 10%-20%).

Fast forward until this weekend, my Pinterest ad was still getting around 150-200/clicks, at $.10/click, and also 20-30 saves a day. My concern, now, is that is no where close to what my Shopify and GA data is telling me. They're telling me that I'm only getting 30-40 Pinterest views a day over the last few days. Is this an outlier and after the weekend, my traffic will pick back up?

My main point of concern is that I recently booked a gig on Fiverr to increase my site speed. Obviously, I know it's impossible for you to know what he did with my code, but is there any chance that he messed something up so that Google and Shopify aren't recording traffic properly?

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