Shipping to Japan – worried!

Hello!! I started an online shop selling items to Japan from USA about a month ago. I expect to have about 100+ orders a month to Japan once things get rolling. I have realized just how expensive shipping is abroad,, whew. My items weigh anywhere from 5oz to 20lbs. I’ve tried some shipping tools like shipstation and shipworks to get a discount on USPS and DHL. I get barely any discount….. (maybe $1-$10 dollars. different from ‘up to 40%’ they advertised?) I don’t think I qualify for a business discount because the volume will probably never be over 200+ orders a month. I’m wondering how the other sellers can send DHL express for only +$40 but when I calculate it, it is $360. I feel there are so many tricks in the shipping world and I know none of them despite researching (hello stupid me.) Any help or tips are appreciated. Thank you friends.

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