David Dobrik sold $250k+ worth of perfume in 72h

Some of you who follow David Dobrik on social media might have already noticed that he released his very own branded perfume. The product launch surprised all of his fans. He's one of the most influential people on Instagram, and this made me curious. I wanted to know how much he could possibly sell within 72h. So I did this little test. If you don't know who he is, a quick Google search will give you the answers.

8am in the morning I went to his website, and added 9999 units of both perfumes (he's selling 2 variations) to the cart. Because this amount was larger than they had stock at the time, it automatically updated the cart and said "8912" and "8656" units available (because two variants). So I waited 72h and went back and did the same test again. Then the results were quite a bit different. After adding 9999 units to cart, it updated the cart and said "7146" and "6085" units available. Quick calculation shows that within this time period they sold 4337 units, and with a product price of $60, it comes to a total of $260k.

Now the first time I checked it was quite a bit after he had posted the story (showing the product for the first time – basically launching it). I assume they started with 8,000 – 10,000 units of each variation of the perfume. Selling this amount of .. perfume (who really needs it?), is quite impressive.

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