FB ads scaling/ budgets 10k – 30k PM?

Quick question when it comes to scaling and budgeting.

Running the tests I currently have an ROI of 8+ which I've been told is great.

MY brand has a lot of social proof and had thousands of orders prior so it's not a magic product or anything. But I've just never done FB ads properly before.

At the moment spending £40 a day. I haven't changed the ads once and it's had a consistent ROI for about a month straight.

With Christmas and black Friday coming up. I was to ramp up the testing this month then the winners next month. no issues there.

However, is there anything I should be aware of when the daily budgets go from £40 to £400 a day?

I've taken out a credit card for cash flow purposes… that's all I can think of…

When dealing with bigger budgets what do I need to consider?

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