Experiences with selling baked goods?

TLDR: What to take into account when selling (homemade) baked goods online?

I want to start a Shopify store mainly to learn to sell stuff online. I have a day job and can invest a couple of grand to start this and I'm not pressured on making a profit on the venture. I'm thinking about this more of as an education than anything else. I'm also a web developer, so the technical bits aren't what I'm too concerned about.

I've been playing around with a couple of ideas and one would be to start selling baked goods online. It's probably a dumb idea, but I enjoy baking and it seems like this way I could combine things I enjoy doing. Obviously I wouldn't be selling bread or anything else that's best enjoyed fresh. Instead I've been thinking of selling cookies and confectionaries that have a longer shelf life (let's say 2-4 weeks). Another reason why I like this idea is that inventory management seems to be relatively easy in the beginning as I can bake a batch of cookies on demand.

I guess my (vague) question is what are the things one should take into consideration when selling baked goods online? I'd also love to hear any anecdotal experiences if anyone here could share.

Some random considerations I've thought of:

  • I need to check this with my local food and safety regulators and probably get a license
  • Figuring out my ideal customer
  • Targeting ads before launching the store?
  • Packaging. How do I make sure cookies won't break during transit?
  • Best before dates
  • Listing ingredients
  • Other mandatory insurance
  • Calculating my margins aka pricing
  • How many items should I launch the store with?

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