How can I create an Instagram and Facebook shop professionally?

I am currently working on my upcoming ecommerce site and in the meantime I would like to try to set up my Facebook and Instagram account but lately I have been having issues especially since I am not a social media type of person. I already created an account for both but Facebook has locked me out temporarily from my account and is just causing me some problems try to set up my page and for Instagram, I am just annoyed I have to do everything on my phone then try to figure out what to write for my posts. Then not knowing what to write is another issue for me, I see other profiles of other ecommerce shops that are similar to mine and more established and they seem to have it set up perfectly and I just wonder how they did it.

I am wondering how did you set up your accounts when you created your business? Did anyone hire anyone to do it? Any advice would be really appreciated.

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