New eCommerce app for AI analytics & customer acquisition

Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday! I was hoping I could get some individuals in eCommerce to help test our new App launching on the Shopify App store! (We’re submitting this week!)

It’s an AI-based app that helps improve your customer retention, upsell, cross-sell, and gives you deep analytics incomparable to others.

  • Were also working towards creating an environment where you can gain new customers through our innovative solution. Message me to learn more via LinkedIn!
  • Mayier Maimaiti ← search me up!
  • If you’ve been active for 6 months + you would be ideal because of the amount of data you already have and continue to generate through your store.

We are but a humble startup and would love to have the support of the community when we launch, I would be more than happy to shoot you a free trial if you’re interested!

I hope I'm not violating any rules ~~

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