Woocommerce for European Shops


How to make woocommerce work properly for EU VAT systems? Is there a valid plugin that does everything that is required? The customer should be able to enter his VAT ID, have it checked for validity and then have the VAT tax removed or applied if from the same country as the shop.

Meaning, the following :

  1. Shop is in Spain. Customer is from Spain. He has to pay VAT
  2. Shop is in Spain. Customer is from Italy. VAT from Italy customer is valid. VAT is removed from cart / checkout

Is it possible to get that working with woocommerce? I've seen some plugins which check for VAT validity and then remove VAT, but they don't have any answer when it comes to applying VAT to the same country-member as the shop owner.

Could it be possible to unload such plugins from working in the shop / cart / checkout the moment the customer chooses the same Country as the Shop Owner?

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