I eventually want my own line of women’s athletic wear. What companies work with people to create brands/etc? [help]

Hey! I hope this is the right place to ask.

I recently created a website on Shopify to drop ship clothes, bags, jewelry, and such. But I believe women’s clothes are probably being sold everywhere. I also know it’s hard to get decent quality items from places like aliexpress.

I keep thinking about how I really want a women’s athletic line. Particularly for grapplers. It’s relevant to my life and would be way easier/fun to promote. But I don’t want to promote low-quality attire. I want something I would where yunno?

Fact is I have no idea where to start. Are there companies that drop ship or work with sellers to create quality brands? What would a startup cost for this possibly look like? I know that one way or another I want to start even if I have to wait a little bit.

Thank you for any input you have!

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