Supply chain services directory

Would anyone be interested in a supply chain services directory? We have these for renovation contractors and BBB for businesses but it seems supply chain services are left out and I see a lot of posts requesting recommendations of good companies/services etc.

For example, you could search for fulfilment centers, inspection or sourcing agencies. Request a quotation and receive bids. Look through reviews from other buyers and choose who you want to work with. Like fiverr or upwork but strictly for supply chain services.

I was thinking to take payment on the platform to avoid false reviews and create a service guarantee. Then start consolidating data, like who had success/failure with which company(or supplier), why. Common issues for specific industries/suppliers/logistics and start creating a "beaten path" of knowledge, maybe even helping these service providers/users become more efficient.

I think there's a lot of lost data by these companies that can be useful to save time, build trust and expand reach. Maybe creating a database of supplier experiences? Showing which supplier had weak points and where, optimizing supply chain strategies for certain industries/product types, etc.

I'm not selling anything and I'm hoping this idea could help new, and existing sellers operate more efficiently and with more confidence. I know it can be scary to start on your own or trust a 3rd party company.

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