What issues would I face selling coffee from Thailand on US Amazon?

Hey guys — I've been a direct response copywriter and marketer for over ten years, mainly generating sales for the my financial publishing industry clients, but I've never actually sold any of my own products.

I live in Thailand right now and there is this local coffee in the North of the country grown and distributed locally that I REALLY like (I drink it every day).

From a marketing standpoint it has a built-in marketing story. It's created by the indigenous Akha people of Northern Thailand, in these little mountain villages that are just gorgeous. So, coming at this from a pure marketing angle — talking about these exotic, hardworking folks up in Northern Thailand who make this coffee, showing pictures and having videos of them telling their stories, and talking about how buying the coffee supports them and stuff sounds really good.

BUT — If I can get these guys to agree to let me sell their coffee online through some kind of agreement, I assume I would face some kind of regulatory hurdles or something?

Could anybody here clue me in on what kind of red tape I'd need to deal with? I think it's a good idea, but depending on what kind of potential hassle it is, maybe it's not worth it.

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