about my linked ebay/woocommerce, and the automated emails I’m sending

So, I have my own woocommerce site. I have an ebay store. I sell a million times more stuff on ebay, for various reasons.

The two sites are linked, so when I receive an ebay order, it shows up on my woocomerce orders page. I also have the woocommerce site set up to email customers when items are ordered and when they are shipped.

I had a phone call today from an old feller who thought he may have double ordered something on ebay, and he was confused about what this "other company" was, which he'd received an order notification from.

I instantly realized that every time I get an ebay order, I've been sending out notifications from my woocommerce site. I have the same username as my web site URL, so I think that most people would get it. I even have the same graphics on the about me/store page. This guy was quite old, and kinda slow, so I see how he may be confused.

Boy , I'm rambling, but I'm getting to the crux of it all here:

Does this emailing work as advertising? (sales numbers say the answer is no, but my traffic has more than doubled)

Am I just confusing people? (well, at least one person)

I really just set up the order notifications for people who bought from my woo site, and had no idea it would end up emailing people who bought from me on ebay. It's been like this for a few months, and I've sold hundreds, if not thousands of items on ebay, and this is the first I'd heard of it.

In the same time period, I may have sold 2 items on my own site- partly because the inventory is much smaller.

I've tried making the two sites have the same stuff, it's more headache than it's worth. So Ebay gets the used stuff that I only have one or two of. Anything that I can buy wholesale/bulk or have manufactured for me goes on both sites.

having written all of this, I've processed things a bit in my head. I wonder if I should add some text to the initial email that helps make sense of things for confused people. Then again, as you can see from my rambling writing style… maybe it's better that I don't start down that path.

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