Creating an eCommerce website on Woocommerce for the first time? Checklist for Website building and what plugins and extensions should I install?

Hello Internet,

I am creating an eCommerce store on woocommerce with the help of a web developer, haven't hired one but I am about to hire someone. This is the first time I am making a website so don't know about many things.

I would be forever grateful if you could help list down all things that I should take care of to develop a great and smooth running and working eCommerce website.

I know of few things that I am required to do such as domain registration, web hosting, SSL certification, theme/template for my website, web builder, payment gateways, security (not sure what is the right terminology used for it), etc.

But I know there are also a lot of other things that I should take care of, so if you can, then please help me note down what other things that I should take care of. I will personally research each and every category to know what is the best solution that works for me or makes my website better, for example, I know for SSL Certification – Let's encrypt is a good option. If you have a personal recommendation in those categories then please feel free to mention them.

Also same with the plugins and extension that I should/must install for woocommerce. Both different types /areas of plugins such as payment gateways, shipping and tax calculations, and other areas, also recommendations in those plugins if you have any.

I know I can ask the web developer but knowing all this stuff will help me make better decisions and know what and why they are important for my website and what I am paying for, it can also help me in the hiring process for a web developer.

Some context about the store. It's an eCommerce website for modern toys and games for kids with around 500 to 1000+ products, both local and international shipping and maybe even drop shipping, rental, and slot booking functionality.

Thank you, and would really appreciate any input, Thanks once again.

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