Due to contact eBay tomorrow to increase my seller limits, from 500 to <100,000-300,000. How should I prepare and what questions should I expect when I contact them?

The items are literally sourced by my partners uncle, who is very well off and bought a huge amount of a certain item at a whim. There is no drop shipping involved, i have over 5,000 that is immediately accessible.

To pick up 5,000 more, or 10,000, or 15,000 I can make a call to have it delivered or drive a few miles personally to restock.

And all <300,000+ items are all paid for and ready to be potentially sold online by me.

I mostly specialised in a niche part of gaming desktop market, though my initial sales were for branded/luxury clothing. But my selling limit had only grown to 500 (or about £8000 per year), so this is a HUGE scale up and I understand I’m jumping past huge leaps.

I have already invested in packaging, thermal label printer, and family and friends ready to lend their time.

Also I’m considering opening a limited company, I assume this will be quite important. Currently my sales for the item has stagnated to 0, simply because I can’t compete with sellers who have approved with ebay that they are selling in huge volumes reliably as my business seller account is currently a much smaller scale business.

Sorry if I made any ignorant statements, I’ve been given a huge opportunity which means that I’ll be scaling up in a manner that I’m going to probably bypass a lot of things that people that scale up linearly experience and learn. I’m 23 years old and have been trading since I was 19, and became extremely active in the past 1-2 years as an “above standard” seller.

I have about 200 positives, only 1 negative ever which is at 12 months now. I’m at the eligible for top rated mark for all my performance statistics.

I really don’t want to mess anything up when I contact eBay tomorrow, I just need to clarify to them I have immediate access, I am not a drop shipper, I’m a direct seller and have immediate source to stock.

I would greatly appreciate if anybody can help me in understanding what to expect and what to prepare for when I request for my ebay to be delimited.

Thank you

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