Offering dropshipping-like service for business partners’ customers

My company manufactures and sells hardware to business partners which in turn bundle our hardware with their own service and value-add products. We currently have a warehousing and fulfillment partner and handle sales either directly (email/phone/messaging) or through our Shopify store. We are strictly B2B so our Shopify store has whitelisted access so someone we don't have a relationship with can't find our store, checkout and purchase our product.

Our sales team would like some way to offer dropshipping-like services to our B2B partners. Our partners don't want to handle our products inventory and would prefer their customers to be able to order directly, perhaps using a redemption code for a given product or set of products.

In one scenario, partners may pre-purchase some number of units and then provide their customers with redemption codes. Alternatively, we would provide the partners with a block of redemption codes and then bill them after they have been used by the partners' customers. In both cases, our partners won't have to manage inventory and we won't have to manage our partners' customers in our Shopify site or our CRM system. I know there's redeemable code add-ons for Shopify but those are more geared for discounts/promotions and also won't fit well with our whitelisting scheme.

I don't see any services like this off the shelf. Most dropshipping is about other companies' products aggregating products into a webstore that someone else will fulfill. We've seen some big box retailers offer this functionality to business customers but of course they have the money to build such a system.

Is there anything out there that provides the kind of service we're looking for or will we need to build a custom service for this code redemption functionality?

Thank you!

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