Return policy- Print on Demand 80% refunds?

Hello. I am starting a print on demand business with brand building. I want to offer my costumers as much as I can but I have a problem thinking of a good return policy.

I dont want people to order a lot and sell back if it doesn't fit. Because obviously ill be left with loss and tshirts that i cant sell on the website anymore. So my idea was: i accept returns if there are mistakes, production errors.. (bc printful will cover for it mostly) but if a return is because of size or color or smt. the refund the custumer gets will only be 80% of what he paid. And I would explain why in the FAQ: because everything is produced by order so that theres no overproduction (its in the sustainable niche)

Edit: another plan would be: offering free shipping: but costs of returning-shipping won't get refunded (but the price will be). that might lead to less returns? what do you think?

What do you think of my plan, do you have tips or critics on that. Or other ways I can handle this. Thank you!

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