Ecommerce Newb here. Please suggest me a workflow for scaling my work.


We are 3 partners. One guy does marketing, one is responsible for giving us all the stock on credit until we receive payment from the courier and one is me, who handles everything else. We have been operational for 20 days now and orders have started to flow. I would like to make a good foundation for accounts (most important), operations and other things for a scalable business.

Right now, we have a website. We run ads on facebook from which we get orders on the website and queries on whatsapp and facebook. I handle the queries, get the list of orders, bring the stock from our partner and dispatch them. Repeat.

The problem:

I want to scale the system. Right now we are getting 15-20 orders daily and I already can see why a paper ledger would be a problem. All the returns and cancelled orders and things like that. Right now I am just looking for a great accounts management workflow.

My Idea:

My idea is to make an inventory management system on Akaunting platform. I will add all the items I brought from our partner in the system on daily basis and minus the returned items from previous days after returning them to partner. Then add the amount received from our courier so that we can see how much of our money is in circulation, how much was spent on what and how much profit we have made so far. atm I will have to do this manually but I will see how an Akaunting wordpress plugin helps me automate things.

Please give me suggestions and things to look out for, things you know will get out of hand when I scale but I just don't know it yet. Highly appreciated.

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