Holiday Shopping Thread – Let’s help each other out

Hi fellow ecommerce entrepreneurs, I run a small business selling to the EU/NAM market.

As we gear up for another big holiday shipping boost, I figured it'd be very helpful for us to share insights with each other.

This has not been the best of years and marketing budgets are being cut short (I guess it is a similar story across the globe). The need to optimise RoI is greater than ever.

I imagine this thread as one where redditors can freely ask questions specific to holiday shopping.

I'd like to start with a very simple but age old question: Which days of the week are great for sales during holiday shopping

There was a discussion on this topic last year but it didn't get enough traction.

I was digging through our data and found something strange

(we sell novelty gift items and office supplies)

If I look at the whole year, the biggest sale days are Wednesday, Monday and Thursday

If I only consider data from Oct-Dec 2019 (holiday shopping), our biggest sale days are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

What does this look like for you? I have limited ad budget and want to have targeted ads on specific, high conversion days.

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