Shipping from home- address visible to customers

So disclaimer, I am a total newbie, as in I JUST launched my business on Monday.

When trying to ship my first order (from a friend lol) I JUST found out that my home address will be visible on the shipping label to customers! I mean, it does make sense, and I'm not sure why I did not think about this earlier, but I thought I would have been able to use my "business address" that I paid for, for this very reason.

For people with home businesses do you just accept this situation or is there a trick I should know about? Can covering my home address with a label with my business address work? There is a barcode of course, but when I asked the shipping company about covering the address, they strongly discouraged it (I assume it would cause confusion if the barcode doesn't match the address?)

Any tips are welcome. Thank you!

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