What to use for payments ? (Newb here)

Hello, I want to start my ecommerce store (dropshipping) on shopify because it seems genuinely easy to use and has a lot of apps to help newbies like me.

I already know the types of products I want to sell online which will reduce the problems will returns, because they can't be returned, anyways.

I just don't know what to use as a type of payments. Should I use my personnal savings accounts ? Should I use my credit card for buying products to the supplier or should I open a new account in a different bank with a different credit card ?

I tried to open a free business account but they said I had to be a registrered entreprise, but I don't want to go trought all registrations papers/tax if i don't even know if my store will be profitable.

Any recommendations will be really appreciated thank you.

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