Logistics & Ecommerce Company – CRM Recommendations?

Hi Gang,

I operate catch all supply chain company from China to the US.

While our services are segmented and can be exclusive from one another, we offer the following as a total package:

  1. Sourcing
  2. Factory to Port Deliver / International Shipping / US Port to Warehouse Delivery
  3. Chinese & US Customs Clearance
  4. US Warehousing
  5. Palletizing / Re-packaging
  6. E-Commerce fulfillment (FBA, EBay, Etsy…)

My question is – what CRM is going to provide the most functionality in terms of organizing leads and clients via "CRM status" with corresponding automated email functionality?

For example – I want the client to receive an automated email, each time their products enter a new phase or "status" within our CRM, as we update it internally.

If their goods have been shipped – I want them to get an email. If their goods arrive at US port – they get an email. Customs cleared – an email…

My goal is to minimize inbound customer service inquiries, to reduce the number of CSR's needed.

What platform works best for this?

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