Shipping cost is killing

Shipping cost is killing

Hi everyone, I run a “traditional” sourcing and import export business. We do food products. Europe to Asia. So recently I receive many requests from end consumers wanting to buy Spanish and French products directly from Europe, they want to buy a box of 20kg of different types of food and snack and wine etc. it’s like a gift box.

So I’m thinking to start an online store to cater to customers in Asia. I can consolidate the orders easily since I am already buying some of these products wholesale but shipping is very expensive. I definitely have to use air freight since nobody will wait a month to receive the products.

But to send a 20kg box of food for example with air freight like DHL etc cost a fortune! Looking at 200-300 euros for 20kg box. Anyone has any idea or experience on how to solve this? Appreciate it!

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