[U.S.A.] Which ecommerce solution is most beneficial for a hobby?

I live in Arizona and just formed an SMLLC about a month ago. I make cosmetic products (true soaps) that I want to sell and I already have a few people lined up and ready to buy. I'm not likely to be making much money anytime soon (I only have about $500 worth of inventory on hand), but I would like to start selling now so I can reinvest the profit and experiment with growing a business. I would also like to sell from my own website instead of somewhere like Etsy.

Having said that, I have reason to believe I will have orders from Arizona, Texas, Missouri and a few other states around the country. I'm currently running a website using Prestashop with Stripe for the checkout process, but I don't know if I should try implementing tax rules myself or if I should invest in a service like Avatax/TaxJar/Quaderno.

On one hand, I'm proficient with technology and can build reports to help me track when I'm nearing nexus in various states. However, not only does that take time, I'm also obviously not a tax professional and could very easily make a mistake along the way which could come back to bite me. On the other hand, a service like Avatax/TaxJar/Quaderno would free up my time and give me peace of mind, but any of them would greatly increase my overhead cost (I believe by about $100/month minimum).

So does anyone know what's the best play here? Should I create tax rules myself only for AZ and then monitor my nexus in other states as I get orders? Should I invest in a service like Avatax or Taxjar? Should I just say screw it and sell on Etsy first? How do people start companies out of thin air and start selling products so quickly?!

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