Does anyone have an example of a website that qualifies customers, and is successful at it?

I'm thinking of making my website have a form with 3 main questions about pain points. If the prospects answer yes to all of them, I'll sell the more expensive products. If the say maybe/yes, I'll sell the middle-priced products. And, if they say no, I'll sell products that are cheap and entertaining that they might like regardless of whether or not they have the pain points.

I'm thinking of doing it in such a way that I can weed out people who won't want what I offer, get the people who do have pain points to admit it so that they're in that emotional state of being aware of their pain points, let people who are maybe's join the funnel through a mid-priced product, and then people who don't have pain points to buy products that still might interest them. In my POV, this will maximize sales because no one is going to waste, and they feel like they need me, or that I care about their needs. Sure, not everyone converts, but maybe it customizes the website for the specific customer.

Survey form questions: "(1) Have you been having problems with this? (2) Have they been frustrating for you? (3) Would you like the problem solved?"

Then if if they say yes, I sell the $97-297 products. If they say maybe, I sell the $47-97 products. If they say no, I sell cheap products that are around $19.97, or promote sponsors.

Thoughts? Anyone have examples of this?

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