Woocommerce vs Magento, which one should I use for building an eCommerce website?

Some context: I am building an online e-commerce store for modern children's toys. The website will have more than 500 to 1000+ products. I am not trying to build just an eCommerce website, each product will also have an in-depth review and overview of the product. Features and Functionality the website will have:

Online Marketplace, Rental option, In-depth review and overview of each product, reservation and booking functionality, one-click checkout, real-time shipping rates, standard as well as dropshipping, and other customisable functionalities.

On one hand, I have heard woocommerce has tons of plug-ins, add-ons, themes, which can be very useful for customization, and on other hand have heard Magento is better than woocommerce for scaling but require more coding skills than woocommerce.

Additionally have also read that Magento is better if there are many products but at that same that woocommerce + Kinsta can do wonders.

So with that in mind, which CMS/Website builder should I use, and what hosting should I use for both woocommerce and Magento? I know kinsta is one of the well-managed hosting platforms for woocommerce, what other or better hosting platform is there for both woocommerce and Magento, or equivalent to Kinsta for Magento?

I am creating an eCommerce store on woocommerce with the help of a web developer, haven't hired one but I am about to hire someone. This is the first time I am making a website so don't know about many things. I don't know which one is more cost-friendly in the long run or worth investing time, energy, and money into.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

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