Ecommerce site policies and PCI compliance questions…

Hey all,

So… I'm in the process of building my new ecommerce website and it made me think about a couple of things I could do with some help on…

  1. What policies do I need to have in place to trade/operate legally within the UK? The only ones I can think of are a privacy policy & return/refund policy. Are there any others I need to consider? Terms and conditions… usage policy maybe?

  2. I obviously want to take payments and I'm worried about the security aspect as you would expect. I've heard of a thing called PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance in the UK. If I use PayPal as the payment mechanism, does this meet that compliance requirement?

  3. Is there a checklist of things I should consider in general when setting up an ecommerce website? All the way from picking a domain, choosing hosting, setting up the store, writing policies through to launching the store…

Thanks so much 😀

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