How can I get more visitors for free? Running a brand inspired by apocalypse | Need advice/review

Hi guys! My name is Vik, I'm 29 years old and I live in Israel.

So I started my brand back in February, since then I grew a lot but my biggest growth happened in the last 90 days.

I made some money with my store and now I'm looking for some feedback and help to attract more fans for free, since I have a sale (October sale utill Halloween) I print and ship from USA only, focusing on high quality products and a good customer service. Usually I get returning customers quite a lot but I struggle to attract new customers to dive into what I created and look at my website.

Would appreciate any relevant advice, and of course I'm here to answer to your question is you will have any. Right now most of my traffic is coming from social media. I already invested in branding including pics, designs and all the visual aspects that my brand needs to grow long term. I used to run ads but my shop was not good enough at the time so I used the organic growth I had and improved it to the same level as with ads.

Finally, a link to my store below:(It includes all the information)

Thank you in advance!

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