I could really use some feedback if you all are willing

So, I got my store started 5 months ago, had some great sales going but due to covid was encountering some MAJOR backorders on cleaning supplies (these WERE on my site for the janitorial industry). Well, since my rep with my supplier was failing me, shipping was failing me with them…I decided to go with another supplier. These guys are great and really more focused on one aspect of my niche. So in advertising i am able to get decent traffic, (about 50-60 per day) and make SOME sales, but mostly my traffic isn't converting. I was going to install a bot on the site, but things are getting a bit complicated there…thought maybe that would help some. What do you think the problem is? I have adjusted my prices to be competitive (not a big profit margin tbh!) I have good and necessary products that ship on time…advice please?

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