I need help to publish an article with variable size

I have to insert an item for sale as in this site: Link

PS. I have a website developed with woocommerce on wordpress and I think this site is made with wordpress and woocommerce (but I could be wrong because I didn't find any information analyzing the element).

I need to see the same result when the user who wants to buy products on my site selects a different size (height and width). Specifically I need that the user, as in the site I indicated, can then move the canvas where he wants within the image.

Can someone explain me how I can make it (or do you know some tutorials on the internet)?

Someone of you know if there is a plug-in or an add-on (that is free or no, I don't care) to do this?

Someone knows any alternative site or method to achieve this result?

Thank you in advance for help.

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