I spent 150$ on advertising and I still haven’t made a sale

Hi everybody, I’m very new to this genre but I wanted to try it out. I’ve watched a ton of videos on it and decided to dive head first. Anyways I’ve noticed a trend. In the last few days when my ads started showing I’ve been getting around 80 people checking out my site. However I haven’t converted a single one of them. My question is what do you think the problem could be? My website is [here]( I’m selling an eyebrow pen that I decided would be a decent first product to try after switching off of necklaces while brain storming. I think it’s the layout of my website that’s the turn off for costumers or lack of photos of the product but I’m not sure. An outsider perspective would definitely help me see through my own biases.

Thank you all in advance 🙂

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