Sustainable Clothing For the Gym

I have an idea of starting a sustainable fitness clothing line since there isn't really one that stands out from another when it comes to just clothing made for working out in the gym. With the rise of Gymshark and other fitness brands, none of them are sustainable and are all fast-fashion.

Here are my concern and question, do I redesign/design a totally different garment made especially for sustainability, or do I simply change up the fabrics for garments from gymshark and such, which I'm sure there are manufacturers that can do that. A lot of activewear brands are all almost the same and very easy to replicate….lululemon is what stood out to me the most. So I can't decide whether to just change the fabrics of what already exists and create a brand around it or design a completely new garment using gymshark and other bigger brands as inspirations. If I were to design then I'd need to invest in designers, pattern makers, tech pack specialists,s and such.

I'm willing to do all that I can to make this work and any suggestions anyone can give is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time!

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