How should I deal with currencies and language?

Hey everyone,

So I have had my store running for about half a year now. As if now, the shop has an option to switch language (Dutch, English & Swedish). If the language changes, the used currency changes along with the chosen language.

Most of my customer are Dutch due to me being too and wanting to target them for simplicity and ease (tax and shipping).

Now I am changing the store and I don’t know what the best move would be concerning language and currency. Hopefully you could help me out.

I am considering the following:

  • English language with currency switchers (but checkout in €) With this option I would not have the same trust I’d get from Dutch people (atleast I’d think so). But it would be cheaper for me to build due to the cost of proper wordpress plugins.

  • Dutch & English with currency switcher based on language. This would cost me more as explained in the option above. But would gain trust for my targeted audience (again this only seems logical to me).

  • A different strategy given by a fellow Redditor.

I hope someone could help me out by giving me some advice regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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