Pro Agency Tip for Brand Owners

It's important to know that the easiest thing in the world for an agency to do is to throw another agency under the bus.

If you let anyone under the hood, they'll tell you X, Y, and Z things that are wrong with the current account and what they will do differently to improve results.

What's much harder to do is to actually get results.

I'm mentioning this because we were getting a 3.85 ROAS with a smaller budget international brand who bought into an audit they received about what we were doing "wrong."

The other agency talked about needing to have a better "customer journey" etc. etc.

The result? The new agency is getting a 2.85 ROAS and the store has circled back to see if we can work together again.

I'm not saying this to say you shouldn't ever pay attention to an audit OR that my agency is the best in the world, but here's my advice…

Take every audit you receive with a grain of salt. It's super easy to throw someone else under the bus and much harder to get results. This doesn't mean every audit is bogus; it just means it's easier to be critical and much harder to actually get it done.

If you keep that in mind, you'll be better prepared to sift through the audits you receive and less likely to believe everything you hear.

I hope this helps someone and would love to know if anyone has any similar stories or helpful advice.

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